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Club Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct – Kid Friendly

Anti-bullying Policy

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Privacy Policy


We offer a variety of classes with a wide variety of challenges from beginner to advanced, with a set rotational schedule and lesson plan to keep the participant engaged.  Our coaches are trained NCCP courses as well as have completed our CIT (Coach in Training) in-house program.





Parent & Tot

Walking to 2.5 years

45 min


Kinder Gym

Independent, 2.5 to 4.11

60 min


Girls Recreational Fun


90 min


Boys Gymnastics and Parkour


90 min



Mini Stars (assessed)

2.5 to 3, Twice/week

90 min/day


Pre-Team (assessed)

4-7, Twice/week

120 min/day


Girls Advanced Fun


120 min


Performance Team (assessed)

7+, Twice/week

120 min/day


Co-Ed Advanced Trampoline


120 min


Girls Advanced, Acro

7+ (Dance background)

120 min


Adrenaline Gymnastics can make changes to any classes/programs at any time, this includes but is not limited to price, altering times, days & age ranges. As well as discontinue or merge a class due to registration numbers; NOTE: Or to comply with COVID regulations due to capacity.


Payment is due upon registration; and is for the next available class, the cost of the class may be prorated due to a late start in the month.  Regular monthly payments will then be due on the 1st of every month thereafter via a credit card (no AMEX), or Visa/Mastercard Debit. Cash or e-transfer payments must be made before the 1st of the month to avoid the credit card being processed.

To ensure the spot is secure from month to month, a valid credit card must be on file.  If you choose to pay in cash or by e transfer and not have a credit card on file, your child’s enrollment for that class is only guaranteed until the end of the month and will have a scheduled drop date.  This means that future enrollments by other participants may occur resulting in eliminating your chances of retaining your child’s spot in that class.

If your credit card expires or payment defaults/declines on the 1st, you will have until the 3rd of the month or the day of class, whichever comes first, to bring your account up to date to avoid your child being dropped from the class. You are welcome to re-register your child for a class in which there is a spot available for their recommended age group/level.

Declined Payments/Late Payments will have a $10+ tax administrative fee added to their balance on their account.

Credit: If you have a credit on your account, it will expire on its 2-year anniversary, after which it will be removed from your account. Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


  1. Classes will stop if the club is mandated to shutdown by the government. Any classes remaining in the month after shutdown has begun, all registered students will be issued make-up tokens for each missed class.
  2. Payments will stop until the club re-opens from a shutdown. 
  3. Once the shutdown if lifted, an email will be sent out to all previously registered families to re-register.  Once families have been notified, it is first come, first serve to all families.
  4. Make-up tokens from missed classes during shutdown are only valid with a registration immediately following the re-opening and do not expire if the participant is active in a class.   These make up tokens will not be converted into a credit.  


  1. Cancellation requests received via email before the 1st of the month means no further payment will be processed and all make-up tokens earned to thus point is forfeited.
  2. Cancellation requests not received via email before the 1st of the month (this includes during a mandated shutdown) payment processing will continue the 1st as scheduled.
  3. There is no credit for cancellations received on or after the 1st of the month.
  4. No refunds for any reason.


Every attempt will be made to contact the parent via Email for 2 & 3 classes missed in a row. If your child has missed a full month and no email has been recieved the office will drop your athlete from the class and no further payments will be taken.  Please note that there will be no make-up tokens, refunds or credits given for missed classes with no communication once the office has proceeded with the drop. 


Make-up tokens will automatically be added to your account after a missed class. You will receive a maximum of 1 token per month that will expire within 45 days. Make ups can be scheduled through your parent portal or through the front desk. Make up tokens can only be redeemed while the participant is actively registered in a class. Once you de-enroll from a class any make-up tokens on your account will expire. If the class becomes fully registered prior to your make-up, you will be sent an email instructing you to reschedule.

Classes will not occur on statutory holidays and will therefore receive a make up token if paid the full monthly cost, and provided there are not 5 weeks within the month.  An email reminder will be sent out to those affected.

There are no make-ups for club closure due to weather conditions. Efforts will be made to post notices on and social media, as soon as possible.

Shutdown make-up tokens will not expire provided that the participant is re-registered within 30 days of the club re-opening from a shutdown.  Make-ups are subject to space and availability, as the club may be restricted in capacity resulting in fewer available classes.

Absence due to COVID related to quarantine only, will receive additional make up tokens above our policy and will not expire provided that the participant is still actively registered in a class


New participants to Adrenaline are permitted to register for a trial class prior to full enrollment into a class.   A trial class is $15 + HST.  Due at time of registration.  This fee is then deducted from the full registration which includes the trial class. Your spot in that class will be held until the end of the trial day. If you book a trial and cannot make it you must call to cancel and rebook or the trial will be considered expended/used and no make-up or credit will be given.


A $50 non refundable deposit is required to hold your child’s spot in any and all camp weeks registered.  The one-time annual $40 Program Fee is applicable to each child that is registered for any activity at Adrenaline after July 1st.  This fee will either 1) appear at time of registration and included with your deposit payment or 2) will be added to your account and be included at time of balance.  The appearance of this charge will depend on the status of the account and whether or not your child has recently been enrolled with Adrenaline prior to July 1st.


  • If the club is mandated to shutdown before camp season begins, but reopens before camp season begins (July 1st), then all deposit payments, including program fees will remain active for the upcoming camp and camp will proceed as scheduled. No credit will be issued unless the camp cancellation policy is followed. No refunds.
  • If the club is mandated to shutdown before camp season begins, but does not reopen before camp season begins, then all deposit payments, including program fees will remain as a credit on the account for future use. No refund will be issued unless the camp cancellation policy is followed. 
  • If the club is mandated to shutdown after camp season begins, and full payments for the week have been made, then any camp day remaining that has been paid for will be issued camp make-up tokens that can be used at a later week of camp. No credit will be issued unless the camp cancellation policy is followed.
  • If camp season comes to an end and a lockdown is still in effect, then all payments for unused paid-for camp days will be issued as a credit for future registration of any classes at Adrenaline.
  • Payments for enrollments not yet occurred will not be processed if a shutdown has occurred.
  • Any payments made for camps in which may later be cancelled by the account holder will result in a credit only.  No refund.  Please ensure you only book for what you are sure will be completed.


  1. Cancellation requests must be made via email notice only to To avoid being changed for the balance of the week.  Please not the deposit is non refundable.
  2. You may be approved for a credit for a cancellation of camp enrollment once the balance payment has been processed if an email is received prior to the  your scheduled camp week. Any notice received after Thursday 11:59 pm will not be approved and the remaining balance will be charged Friday. Cancellations received after Thursday will be held as an account credit only.
  3. Camp Transfer: Alternatively, a request can be sent to before the Thursday of your originally scheduled camp week to transfer your day/week within the specified camp program dates (i.e.: another week within the same summer).


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