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Adrenaline Gymnastics Philosophy


Adrenaline Gymnastics and Training Centre (AGTC) was created for the purpose of providing all girls and boys with the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of gymnastics, trampoline, double mini trampoline (DMT) and tumbling. While becoming part of our family of athletes our staff members are committed to developing confident, disciplined and responsible athletes. They do this by providing:

  • Programs that cover the entire range of youth and their development, beginning with parent and tot classes all the way up to adult drop ins.
  • The opportunity for advancement to team programs through which young athletes may ultimately gain national and international experience.
  • Programs for children who have special physical, mental or emotional needs so they may gain physical benefits and self confidence.
  • An environment to experience the importance of physical fitness, including strength, balance, flexibility and coordination, as well as the value of a training program that enhances any athletic endeavor.
  • The resources to aid young athletes striving for any and all goals, a college scholarship, or simply valuable self-esteem in a positive environment.


Our History

AGTC is a private gymnastics club that opened on July 12, 2010. Our facility is 17,000 sq. ft. and has ever growing equipment for all levels and ages. We have a variety of programs offered at AGTC, including Women’s Artistic and Womens & Mens Trampoline/Tumbling/DMT.

AGTC are members of Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada. All of our coaches are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP),  as well as First Aid & CPR certified. Our coaches are encouraged to expand their coaching tools by participating in special clinics and classes offered.

Our Philosophy

Gymnastics is a special sport involving mental focus and physical ability. We value this and commit to your child’s overall well-being and development in unity. Every child has the opportunity to reach his/her personal best at Adrenaline Gymnastics.  It is our goal to provide you with the best gymnastics coaching as well as offer you and your family a wide variety of programs.  We believe that the sport of gymnastics provides a vehicle with which we can teach skills that will last a lifetime and assist in the development of every child in our program.


Our objective is to work in partnership with parents to lay the foundation from which children will grow into happy, self-confident and well-adjusted athletes. Adrenaline believes that children are happiest in an environment in which everyone knows what is expected of them and children are free to develop their gymnastics and learning without the fear of being hurt or hindered by anyone else.

We strive to create an environment in which children, parents and staff value, respect and care for each other. Adrenaline believes in the importance of adopting a positive attitude that emphasizes and recognizes good behavior rather than identifying only that which is acceptable.


The Gym environment is an environment set up to foster and sustain appropriate behavior. In describing this environment, we include the ground rules, the physical setting, and the program.  The objective is for the children to take ownership of their behavior and enjoy the benefits of an orderly class. Our environment provides the frame work for them to successfully meet this objective.

Ground rules are premised on developing the children’s respect for one another, their coaches and the gym.  They are individually made known to the children and are consistently applied throughout the year.  The ground rules provide the children with secure boundaries, and since the rules are applied consistently, the children trust them and behave appropriately. For example the children learn how to:

  • move throughout the gym properly and safely
  • interact with coaches and teammates
  • respect and share equipment
  • respect coaches
  • respect and support teammates


Some children have more difficulty than others in remembering the ground rules and there are often slips throughout the year. If they display inappropriate or aggressive behavior, they learn that there are logical consequences if the ground rules are not respected.

Children will be verbally reminded of the rule by the coach (and often by another child) and will be asked what is expected of them. When needed the coach will give the child the words and the support they need to follow the ground rules properly.

If a child persists with inappropriate behavior, the coach may use tactics such as keeping the child physically close to them or finding a space in the gym where they will not disturb other children. The discipline is there to help the child remember their responsibility as a member of the team.

If the child’s behavior represents a physical danger to him/herself or to others, the child will be sent out of the gym to their parents or to the office and  parents will be called to take their child home.

Parents will be advised of serious behavior problems and a strategy to assist the child in learning how to manage them will be developed by the staff in consultation with the parents.

A Child may be asked to withdraw from the program permanently if their behavior threatens the well-being of other children.

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